• Team Plan Pricing and Purchasing: FAQ

    This article includes frequently asked questions we receive related to pricing and purchasing for our Team Plan subscription.

    Table of contents

    What is the cost?

    Team Plan is an annual subscription priced per person. When purchasing Team Plan, payment for the entire subscription term is required in full. Pricing may vary, depending on several factors, including the location of your account. 

    The price for a Team Plan subscription is calculated using the following formula:  number of users (2 minimum is required) x the applicable price per a user's license + applicable taxes.  Learn more.

    Is a free trial available?

    Free trials are available for Udemy Business accounts in most regions. Review information about Team Plan in your region and whether you're eligible for a free trial.

    How many users can I buy Team Plan for?

    Team Plan is a self-serve Udemy subscription designed for teams or organizations of 2-20 people who need on-demand learning. 

    Can I add more users during my subscription?

    Yes. Learn how to add more licenses to your subscription.

    Does the administrator require a license?

    Yes. In order to access your Udemy Business learning account, you, as an account admin, must occupy a license. This means if you purchase Team Plan for 5 users, you will occupy one seat, and you’ll be able to invite four additional team members to your account.

    Can I pay monthly?

    No. At this time, only an annual payment option is available.

    What currencies do you accept?

    We currently accept payments in U.S. Dollars (or Indian Rupees (INR) for organizations located in India).

    Can I pay via check, sales order, or purchase order?

    Not at this time. All Team Plan payments must be made via a credit card online.

    What is your refund policy?

    As stated by in our Udemy Business Agreement, under section 8, we do not accept refunds at this time. All purchases are final. All fees shall be paid in US dollars and are non-refundable.

    How can I renew my Team Plan subscription?

    Learn how to manually renew your team plan subscription or set up automatic renewals.

    My business qualifies for a tax exemption. How do I provide relevant documentation so that I’m not charged tax on my subscription?

    The Udemy Business Master Services Agreement (MSA) outlines applicable transaction taxes as the responsibility of our customers. As such, Udemy Business invoices now include a transaction tax, such as VAT, GST, or sales tax, in addition to your Team Plan subscription total, as required by law based on where your licenses are being consumed.

    Customers who are exempt from these taxes can contact Udemy Business Support and request for a refund on any taxes applied to their Team Plan purchase.

    I have paid taxes on my purchase but I have a tax exemption certificate. Am I eligible for a refund?

    Yes. Please send your certificate to Udemy Business Support and we will process a refund for any taxes applied to your Team Plan purchase. 

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  • What is Udemy Business?

    Udemy Business is a next-gen learning solution that transforms the workplace learning experience through a consumer-first on-demand learning solution. Built for businesses striving to be at the forefront of innovation, Udemy Business offers fresh, relevant learning anytime, anywhere. The collection features thousands of high-quality courses, taught by real-world experts, which cover a wide range of topics from development and IT to design, leadership and stress management. In addition to its curated content collection, organizations can also securely host and distribute their own proprietary content.

    Learn more about many of the companies that leverage Udemy Business for their learning needs.


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  • What is Udemy Business Pro?

    Available as an add-on to a Udemy Business enterprise license, Udemy Business Pro provides a deeper learning experience that accelerates learning across key roles in information technology, development, and data & analytics. By assessing and guiding learners, Udemy Business Pro enables technical professionals to achieve their learning and business outcomes more effectively.

    Udemy Business Pro offers: 

    Udemy paths

    Pre-built, Udemy paths combine top courses, hands-on practice opportunities, and assessments to provide learners with the instruction and practice they need to achieve a specific learning objective. Learn more about Udemy paths.


    Assessments evaluate learners’ skills, identify their readiness to work on a project, join a new team, or get certified; based on the assessment score, the learner will be guided to course recommendations (with specific sections highlighted) to deepen their knowledge. Learn more about assessments.


    Workspaces provide learners with access to risk-free virtual technical environments to practice skills in key technologies. Learn more about workspaces.


    With labs, learners will gain hands-on, real-world practice to sharpen their technical skills. Learn more about labs.

    How to assign and remove Udemy Business Pro licenses

    Learn how Udemy Business admins can assign and remove Udemy Business Pro Add-on licenses for learners. 

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  • What is Team Plan? FAQ

    This article includes frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Team Plan subscription and what it includes.

    • Have questions about Team Plan pricing and purchasing? Learn more.

    Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding Team Plan.

    What is Team Plan? 

    Team Plan is a self-serve Udemy subscription designed for teams or organizations of 2-20 people who need on-demand learning. With a subscription to Team Plan, your team will gain access to thousands of the highest-rated business and technical courses from Udemy so you can upskill your team and drive business outcomes.

    What is the cost?

    Learn more about Team Plan pricing and purchasing.

    Which courses are included in the Team Plan subscription?

    You and your team will have on-demand access to a collection that features thousands of professional courses across some of the most important business and technical topics. These top-rated courses on Udemy have been curated from Udemy.com; our global content marketplace powered by millions of students and thousands of instructors. Our content curation team is consistently monitoring our course collection to ensure we only include the most engaging courses from Udemy.com. You can view the full content collection or explore the courses by creating your free trial account (where applicable. Learn more.)

    What language are the courses in?

    Courses offered will depend on the location of your account. English courses are always included.

    How is Team Plan different from Udemy.com?

    Team Plan is a product offered by Udemy Business, Udemy’s business offering. It is designed to serve teams and organizations of 2 to 20 people. Instead of purchasing individual courses on udemy.com, Team Plan provides access to a collection of thousands of Udemy’s top-rated business and technical courses. Your team can take these courses at any time, however many times they want. The plan is priced per person as an annual subscription (plus applicable taxes).  

    How is Team Plan different from Enterprise Plan?

    Team Plan is designed for teams and organizations of 2-20 people. The Enterprise Plan is a product designed for larger departments and organizations of 21 or more people. Both plans offer the same course collection of high-quality professional content. The Enterprise Plan includes additional features such as SSO support, API integration, and advanced analytics.  Learn more about the differences between the two plans.

    Can I customize our team’s account with our organization’s logo or branding?

    Yes! Team Plan accounts can be customized to include your organization’s name, logo or icon. In addition, you can also upload a background to reflect your organization’s brand. At the time of the account creation, you can also provide a unique URL that is directly related to your Team Plan Account. For example, if your company name is acme, your account URL could be acme.udemy.com.

    What reporting and insights are available?

    Team Plan subscribers have access to basic analytics through the User Adoption Funnel, which helps you understand how many and which users have logged in to your Udemy Business account and started using it. User Adoption information can also be exported via a CSV file. Learn more.

    What if I have more questions about Team Plan?

    If you have any additional questions regarding Team Plan, please contact Udemy Business Support.

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  • What is The Account Owner’s Role in Udemy Business?

    This article outlines what an owner is for a Udemy Business account and includes answers to commonly asked questions regarding the role.

    Who is the account owner for a Udemy Business account?

    The owner in a Udemy Business account is the main point of contact for an organization.

    For Team Plans, this is the person who purchases the plan. For Enterprise Plans, your organization’s Account Executive and Customer Success representative will help to determine who will be assigned the owner at launch.

    Please note that each Udemy Business organization must have an email contact that is set as the owner.

    Can organizations have more than one owner listed for a Udemy Business account?

    No. Organizations cannot have more than one owner designated for their Udemy Business accounts. For Enterprise Plan customers, please reach out to your Customer Success representative if this poses any issues so they can work with you directly to reach a resolution.

    Can our organization request to have the account owner changed?

    Yes. For Team Plans, requests to have an account owner changed can be submitted to Udemy Support. For Enterprise Plans, please reach out to your Customer Success representative.

    Account admins are not able to make any changes to an owner. For example, an attempt to deactivate, anonymize or change their role will result in an error.

    What operations can owners perform in an Udemy Business account?

    The owner role can perform all the same operations as an admin in the account, without restrictions (access to insights and reporting, managing account access, assigning courses and learning paths, etc.)

    For Enterprise accounts, the owner will also be given ownership of any existing learning paths and custom courses when the creator/owner of the course/path is deactivated from the account.

    What are owners responsible for in a Udemy Business account?

    The owner of a Udemy Business account is the primary point of contact for all of that organization’s learners and as such, all learner requests submitted to Udemy Business Support pertaining to the administration of the account will be routed to the owner. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

    • Requests to be invited to join the account
    • Requests to modify role permissions
    • Requests to be deactivated or anonymized from the account
    • Requests from deactivated learners requesting their certificates of completion
    • Requests to modify profile information (eg: email, profile name)**

    **Enterprise accounts can choose whether or not to allow their learners to modify profile information directly from within their individual accounts. For organizations that don’t wish for learners to be able to take this action on their own, applicable requests Udemy Business Support receives will be routed to the owner, who can, in turn, grant approval to our team to initiate the modifications. Note that this does not apply to organizations that utilize SCIM to automate user and group management.

    Please reach out to your Customer Success representative if you have any questions regarding the organizational settings of your account.

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  • Udemy Business Pro Security Overview/FAQ

    This article includes an overview of Udemy Business Pro security protocols, as well as answers to frequently asked questions we receive regarding them.

    Product Description

    Udemy Business Pro is a premium add-on that enhances our Udemy Business offering by providing a deeper learning experience for professionals in Information Technology, Development, and Data & Analytics. Udemy Business Pro helps learners achieve their learning outcomes through immersive engagement of Udemy Business (UB) courses with features such as Udemy Paths, Assessments, Workspaces, and Labs that guide, challenge, reinforce and support learning. 

    Subprocessors: Udemy Business Pro Labs and Workspaces utilize subprocessors AWS, Azure, and Vocareum.

    • AWS is a cloud hosting provider used in the delivery of Udemy Business Pro. Udemy Business Pro workspaces leverage an AWS account that is isolated from the rest of Udemy’s services.
    • Udemy Business Pro leverages Vocareum virtual computing lab environments, where users can conduct hands-on technical training through the Udemy platform. Vocareum runs on AWS or Azure, depending on which lab environment you’re in.

    Udemy’s security program and Udemy Business Pro

    Udemy’s security program is governed by a controls framework consisting of consolidated requirements from data protection laws, regulatory bodies, industry best practices, business objectives, and additional standards, including:

    • ISO 27001
    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • CIS CSC 20
    • COSO Principles

    Udemy’s Information Security and Product Engineering teams are responsible for designing and implementing Udemy’s Security framework across the Udemy infrastructure and applications and features such as Udemy Business and Udemy Pro respectively. Udemy’s Privacy team provides oversight on alignment to applicable Data Privacy laws (e.g., CCPA, GDPR).

    Udemy conducts due diligence and security assessments of all subprocessors and service providers and executes confidentiality and data processing agreements, obligating third parties to applicable data privacy and data security standards. Requirements of our service provider management program include:

    • Authorized onboarding and off-boarding of all third-party services are completed using a process designed to address privacy and security considerations thoroughly and consistently.
    • Risk tracking, control evaluations, and corrective actions of all third parties are done using a governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) solution. 
    • Standard requirements such as security certifications are confirmed before vendors are approved. 
    • Security validation checks are performed during pre and post-implementation to ensure the discovery, tracking, and resolution of security issues. 
    • A GDPR-compliant DPA and other agreements are executed to ensure that our service providers adhere to our high data privacy and security standards.
    • Annual due diligence of all high-risk vendors is performed to ensure compliance.
    • All high-risk third-party vendors must comply with our Business Impact Analysis strategies, vulnerability management guidelines, and penetration testing (annual reports).

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Where is the data stored?

    For Assessments:

    Assessment answers are stored on Udemy systems.

    For Labs:

    For any code written in AWS, Azure, and Data Science labs, the practice code (and data) is stored in Vocareum, which is hosted on AWS or Azure.

    For any code that is written in Software labs, the practice code and data are stored in Udemy's infrastructure and are hosted in AWS or Azure.

    For Udemy Paths: 

    Udemy Paths do not include any user-related or user-inputted data.

    Will users be able to upload data into these tools and who will have access to it?

    For Assessments: 

    Users are restricted to answering multiple-choice questions (e.g., single or multiple-choice options) and optionally provide feedback in the form of free text to provide feedback on questions. No other data can be uploaded.

    For Labs:

    For AWS/Azure labs, users may upload data to AWS/Azure, where AWS/Azure and Vocareum have access to the data.

    For Data Science labs workspaces, users may upload data to R Studio or Jupyter Notebook which is run on Vocareum infrastructure, where Vocareum [and AWS] have access to it. 

    Software Development labs run on infrastructure that is owned by Udemy and is hosted in AWS or Azure. Udemy Business and AWS or Azure will have access to Software Development labs data.

    Students/Learners can upload files in their labs environment via lab Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

    Please note: All lab workspaces have 3-hour sessions. Any data that is entered in the workspace is automatically erased (irreversibly) at the end of the 3-hour session.

    For all labs, feedback forms will allow students to send feedback that may be forwarded to the instructor.

    For Udemy Paths:

    No data can be uploaded in Udemy Paths.

    What user activity is logged in these tools?

    In addition to the user activity tracking in Udemy Business:

    For Assessments: 

    Udemy logs the user/learner starts, finishes, attempts to answer a question, feedback, and whether the user correctly answers a question. 

    For Labs: 

    Udemy logs learner starts, finishes, button clicks, times when workspaces are active, task completion, lab completion, times when lab is active, and number of lab attempts. Vocareum, AWS, and Azure log additional service-level details.

    For Udemy Paths: 

    Udemy logs user enrollment, progress, and completion of a path.

    Do customers have access to the user activity logs?

    Customers do not have access to raw activity logs, but customers do have access to some usage data through Udemy Business Admin insights reporting. 

    Does the Udemy Business Admin console provide access to Udemy Business Pro user activity insights reports?

    Yes, the Udemy Business Admin console enables Admins to export reports and selected access and usage data. Learn more about Udemy Pro Insights.

    Is Udemy Business Pro included in the 2022 Udemy Business SOC 2 Type II audit?


    Is any personally identifiable information (PII data) shared with sub-processors hosting Udemy Business Pro?

    No, Udemy Business Pro does not require the collection or processing of any PII. Users do not need to enter any company credentials other than those generated by Udemy for the Workspace. Connections are authenticated using non-PII temporary lab credentials from existing Udemy Business sessions. Optional in-product surveys request an email address.

    Is there a way to limit which specific users (or groups) will have access to Udemy Business Pro?

    Yes. Only users, group admins, and admins who are assigned Udemy Business Pro licenses will be able to access Udemy Business Pro features & data.

    Is there a way to prevent users from uploading unwanted data into Udemy Business Pro?

    We can generate in-product banners to remind your learners to not upload any proprietary information into Labs or Workspaces.

    What URLs and IP addresses will customers need to allowlist for Udemy Business Pro AWS and Vocareum Labs?

    Review the URLs and IP addresses Udemy Business Pro customers will need to allowlist

    What are the system requirements for customers to use Udemy Business Pro?

    Review the system requirements for Udemy Business.

    Do you have more questions?

    Please contact your Udemy Business Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or Udemy Business Support with any additional questions.

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  • Nonprofit Plan FAQ

    The Udemy Business Nonprofit Plan is a special, more affordable, pricing of our Udemy Business Enterprise Plan. The Nonprofit Plan is available to all registered U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations. Your organization must have a valid Employer Identification Number (EIN) to qualify as a Nonprofit. The plan offers an annual subscription to thousands of Udemy’s best courses to a minimum of 21 users. Review specifics on what is included in the Nonprofit Plan.

    Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Udemy Business Nonprofit Plan.

    What is the cost?

    Since nonprofit organizations around the U.S. come in all shapes and sizes, our sales team wants to work closely with you to figure out the price that works best for you. Please request a demo from our sales team here and we will help you make learning and development a priority at your organization.

    Can I pay monthly?

    At this time, there is only an annual subscription available.

    How can I pay for the Nonprofit Plan?

    All Udemy Business Nonprofit customers are invoiced with Net 30 payment terms based on the completion of an agreement. Payments are accepted via check or ACH.

    I work at an international nonprofit. Can I qualify for the special discounted pricing?

    The Nonprofit Plan is currently only available to U.S. registered nonprofits. If you are interested in using Udemy Business for your learning and development needs, please consider learning more about our Enterprise Plan or our Team Plan. Contact us here if you have any other questions.

    What currencies do you accept?

    We currently only accept payments in US Dollars.

    I do not need 21 licenses. Can I request less?

    Not at this time. In order to best support nonprofit organizations around the country, we ask for a minimum purchase of 21 licenses.

    Which courses are included in the Nonprofit Plan?

    Your nonprofit organization will have on-demand access to a content collection featuring thousands of professional courses across 20+ business and technical topics. These top-rated courses have been curated from Udemy.com — our global marketplace powered by tens of thousands of instructors all over the world who teach millions of students. (Note that not all courses on udemy.com are available as part of the Udemy Business Nonprofit Plan.)

    Our content team works hard to ensure that we only include the most highly rated and engaging courses from Udemy.com. You can view the full content collection here. We are also pleased to offer courses tailored to the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. You may browse through some of these sample courses here.

    What language are the courses in?

    Currently, all courses in the Nonprofit Plan are in English. A few courses will have English subtitles available.

    What is your refund policy?

    As stated in our Udemy Business Agreement, under section 8, we do not accept refunds at this time. All purchases are final. All fees shall be paid in US dollars and are non-refundable.

    Can I add more users during my subscription?

    Certainly! Just contact us here and we would be happy to help!

    Does the administrator require a license?

    Yes. In order to access your learning account, you, as an account administrator, must occupy a license. This means if you purchase a Nonprofit Plan with the minimum 21 licenses required, you will occupy one seat, and you’ll be able to invite 20 additional team members to your account.

    Can I customize our team’s account with our organization’s logo or branding?

    Definitely! Your nonprofit's account administrator will be able to set up a custom logo or branding for your organization. Please review this support article to find out how to customize your account.

    What reporting and insights are available?

    Nonprofit subscribers get access to the same analytics and reporting that are included in the Udemy Business Enterprise Plan. To learn more about the various reports and dashboards available, please see this article.

    I am an existing Udemy Business customer. Can I get this discount retroactively?

    Since all of our deals are annual subscriptions, we will not be able to apply the discount to your account retroactively. We are happy to honor the discount at the time of your renewal for the following year.

    What if I have more questions about the Nonprofit Plan?

    You can learn more about the Nonprofit Plan here. If you have any additional questions regarding the Nonprofit Plan, please contact us at business-support@udemy.com.

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  • Team Plan Invoices

    This article outlines how you can access Team Plan invoices for your Udemy Business Team Plan account. Please note that only account admins have access to your company's invoices.

    Accessing Team Plan invoices

    Your Udemy Business Team Plan account allows you to view, print, and download invoices. To access all your invoices, go to Manage at the top right of the page, select Subscription & Billing  and then Billing

    The Billing page contains your Payment History, where you can see the relevant invoice for each payment. Please note that only account admins have access to your company's invoices.

    Editing your billing information

    If you need to update your billing information so that future invoices include your revised details, click on Edit billing information on the Billing page and make the applicable changes. 

    Please note: using this feature to update your billing information will not change invoices that have already been generated for previous purchases. If you need to change an invoice that has already been issued, please contact our support team.


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  • Team Plan Renewal: FAQ

    This article includes answers to frequently asked questions we receive regarding Team Plan renewals and how they work.

    Table of contents

    Who can enable Team Plan Renewals?

    By default, the subscription will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. Only users with admin access can cancel the subscription. How to make a user an admin.

    How can admins cancel the Team Plan subscription?

    Users with admin access can cancel the Team Plan subscription by following these steps:

    1. Move your cursor to Manage at the top right of the page.

    2. Select Subscription & Billing > Subscription management.

    3. Next, click on Cancel subscription.


    What will happen if payment is declined on the automatic renewal date?

    We will notify you by email so you can update your account with a working debit or credit card. If your credit card on file has expired before the renewal date, we will also notify you via email.  

    Can Team Plans be renewed early?

    No, Team Plans cannot be renewed early. The plan will automatically renew on its annual renewal date. As the renewal date approaches, we will send out reminders via email to ensure you know that your renewal is coming up.

    Once a Team Plan has expired, how can admins manually renew the Team Plan subscription?

    If the plan is canceled and eventually expires, then admins will have a limited amount of time to manually renew the plan once it has expired (i.e., after the renewal date has passed). 

    Admins can manually renew their Team Plan subscription by logging into their Udemy Business account, navigating to Manage at the top right of the page, selecting Subscription & Billing and then Subscription management. Next, click Resubscribe and enter the number of licenses required. 

    Learn more about adding additional licenses to your subscription.


    How long will I have to manually renew my plan once it expires?

    For privacy reasons, Udemy Business Team plans are routinely anonymized 30 days after the expiration date. If it has been more than 30 days since your Team Plan expired, you will need to sign up for a new Team Plan. Please note that updated pricing may apply.

    What forms of payment are accepted?

    Currently the following debit / credit cards are accepted by Udemy Business: Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.

    Please note that only one payment method can be associated with an account.


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