• What is Udemy Business Leadership Academy?

    Udemy Business Leadership Academy is a cohort learning experience that brings leaders together to foster leadership that cascades through an organization, creating alignment on key business outcomes. Leaders move through our programs as a group, with short learning activities that easily fit into their workday. These include independent assignments, group discussion forums, and virtual live events.

    Programs are curated and facilitated by real-world experts for all levels of leadership. Our approach brings human interaction to leadership development in an agile and scalable experience. The most impactful leadership development occurs when leaders learn from each other and grow together, gaining the skills, insights, and vision they need to move your organization forward.

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  • System Requirements - Leadership Academy

    You can access our Leadership Academy platform from various devices and browsers, on both PC and Mac desktops/laptops, as well as mobile devices. Our system requirements for these follow in the article below.


    Please note: this article includes information about our Udemy Business Leadership Academy, formerly known as CorpU.

    Non-cohort learning: Review our system requirements.

    System compatibility test

    • To test your system, click Support in the footer after logging into your domain. Then, click Technology Test.

    technology test.png

    Minimum system requirements

    • Browser: The latest Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox (Note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported)
    • Broadband connection with 1+Mbps
    • Access to HTTPS port 443
    • TLS 1.2 support
    • Access to view HLS and RTMP video streams of H.264 video
    • Adobe Flash Player plug-in version 11.4 or higher (only necessary if content embeds Flash objects)

    Computer supported hardware - desktop

    • RAM: 512MB or more
    • Processor: 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo or faster
    • Sound: Audio capability with speakers or headphones

    Computer/mobile device supported operating systems

    • Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10 or higher
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
    • Apple iOS 7+ for iPad and iPhone
    • Google Android 5.0+ for tablets and phones
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