• Udemy Business 的继续专业教育 (CPE) 课程有哪些要求?

    为了获得继续专业教育 (CPE) 积分,学员必须:

    • 完成所有课程内容。
    • 完成每个章节末尾的复习题。
    • 在课程结束时,以 70% 或更高的分数完成 CPE 合格评估。

    在满足这些要求后,学员将能够访问并下载 CPE 结业证书。

    有关 CPE 的更多信息以及如何查找符合 CPE 积分条件的 Udemy Business 课程列表,请点击此处

  • 哪些课程可获得 Udemy Business 继续专业教育 (CPE) 积分?

    CPE(继续专业教育)是指 CPA(注册会计师)和专业服务公司员工保持自身技能集所需的一系列活动。 这些员工必须获得一定数量的 CPE 积分才能更新他们的 CPE 执照(具体因州省而异)或满足监管要求。

    为了帮助专业人士满足他们的 CPE 要求,Udemy Business 提供以下可获得 CPE 积分的课程:



    Accounting in 60 Minutes,讲师:Vince Turner

    • CPE 积分:2.0

    Accounting Made Easy: A Quick Guide to Financial Accounting,来自 365 Careers

    • CPE 积分:2.2

    Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis: Complete Training,来自 365 Careers

    • CPE 积分:6

    Audit – Financial Statement,讲师:Bob Steele

    • CPE 积分:23.8 积分

    Bookkeeping Basics #1,讲师:Ron Trucks

    • CPE 积分:7.0

    Bookkeeping Basics #2,讲师:Ron Trucks

    • CPE 积分:5.4

    Bookkeeping Basics #3,讲师:Ron Trucks 

    • CPE 积分:7.2

    Building an Organizational Budget,讲师:Angel Radcliffe 

    • CPE 积分:1.8

    Financial Accounting - Adjusting Entries & Financial Statement,讲师:Bob Steele

    • CPE 积分:16

    Financial Accounting - Closing Process,讲师:Bob Steele

    • CPE 积分:11

    Financial Accounting – Subsidiary Ledgers & Special Journals,讲师:Bob Steele

    • CPE 积分:15.0 积分 


    Active Listening: You Can Be a Great Listener,讲师:Lauren Powers

    • CPE 积分:4.2

    Communicating with Empathy,讲师:Elizabeth Pierce

    • CPE 积分:1.6 积分

    Cross-Cultural Communication: How To Flex Your Style,来自人生发展计划

    • CPE 积分:2

    Emotional Intelligence at Work: Learn from Your Emotions,讲师:Leila Bulling Towne 

    • CPE 积分:1.8

    Speak Like a Pro: Public Speaking for Professionals,讲师:Jennifer Hennings 

    • CPE 积分:2.2

    Taking the Work Out of Networking,讲师:Karen Wickre

    • CPE 积分:1.8

    Write Like a Boss: Master Your Business Writing Skills,讲师:Elizabeth Goins 

    • CPE 积分:2.4


    Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling and Valuation,讲师:Chris Haroun

    • CPE 积分:6.0


    Agile Leadership and Resilient Teams,讲师:Michael Papanek

    • CPE 积分:2.4

    Critical Thinking Strategies For Better Decisions,讲师:John Rampton

    • CPE 积分:2 

    Design Thinking for Beginners: Develop Innovative Ideas,讲师:Laura Pickel

    • CPE 积分:1.8

    Growth Mindset: The Key to Greater Confidence and Impact,讲师:Diane Flynn

    • CPE 积分:1.8

    Goal Setting at Work: Plan for Success and Reach Your Goals,讲师:Leila Bulling Towne

    • CPE 积分:1.8

    How to Manage & Influence Your Virtual Team, 讲师:Hassan Osman

    • CPE 积分:4.6

    How To Make Better, Faster Decisions At Work,讲师:Erik Larson

    • CPE 积分:2.4

    Mastering Conflict Management and Resolution at Work, 讲师:Priya Nalkur 博士

    • CPE 积分:2 

    Time Management Mastery: Do More, Stress Less,讲师:Alexis Haselberger

    • CPE 积分:3.4

    The Stress Detox: Reduce Stress and Burnout In The Workplace,讲师:Ritu Riyat

    • CPE 积分:1.8

    The Science of Leadership,讲师:Gregory Caremans

    • CPE 积分:4.6

    What's Your Leadership Style?,讲师:Priya Nalkur

    • CPE 积分:2.2


    Be a Great Mentor: A Practical Guide to Mentorship,讲师:JeanAnn Nichols 

    • CPE 积分:2.4

    CHANGE MANAGEMENT FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Drive Strategic Results,讲师:Vicki Hart

    • CPE 积分:2.0

    Developing Emotional Intelligence in Teams,讲师:Robin Hills

    • CPE 积分:5

    The Essential Guide for Effective Managers,讲师:Marie Deveaux 

    • CPE 积分:2.2

    The Superboss Playbook for Managers,讲师:Sydney Finkelstein

    • CPE 积分:2.4 

    Talent Development for Leaders: Develop Your High-Potentials,讲师:Mary Walters

    • CPE 积分:2

    Udemy 正处于构建 CPE 产品的早期阶段,我们计划在未来几个月内提供更多符合 CPE 要求的课程。