• Retired Courses

    At Udemy Business, we're dedicated to providing our customers with access to the highest quality courses most relevant for workplace learning. As such, we are always updating the collection to make sure our courses are up-to-date and relevant. Therefore, we do retire courses from the collection regularly. 

    The course retirement list

    You can find courses that have been retired this year, courses that are set for retirement, and alternative course recommendations in the Udemy Business course retirement list.

    Courses set for removal

    Courses are set for removal over a 6-month retirement window, and notifications will appear in the product 90 days prior to retirement. For courses pending retirement, there will be in-product alerts shown across different areas of the platform, such as course pages and learning paths.


    When flagging a course that is set for retirement, we also aim to provide suitable alternatives to make it easier to update your learning programs.


    Additionally, you can see the courses that we plan to remove and the date they will be retired in the To Be Retired tab of the Udemy Business Course Retirement List.

    Admins: If your organization has an Enterprise plan and you have admin permissions in your account, you can also track retirements on the Course updates page.

    Reasons for retiring a course

    We consider a variety of factors when evaluating courses for retirement, including but not limited to the overall quality, relevance, and freshness of the course topic.

    What happens to a learner enrolled in a course that is retired

    When a course is retired from the Udemy Business collection, any learner that is enrolled in that course at the time of retirement will continue to have access. If a learner unenrolls from a course that has been retired, however, they will no longer be able to access the course. Additionally it will not be possible for any new learner to access or enroll in the course.

    New courses

    Learn more about new courses and access the new course list.

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