• How to Find Your API Credentials in Udemy Business

    This article outlines how Udemy Business admins can find their API credentials for integrating Udemy with learning management systems (LMS) and learning experience platforms (LXP), or other custom integrations utilizing the Udemy Business REST APIs.  

    Please note:

    • APIs are only available to Enterprise customers.
    • This article does not apply for xAPI credentials, which instead will be found in the system you wish to push data from Udemy into. Learn more: Udemy Business xAPI.
    • For more information on integrations, please review our LMS and LXP Integration Partners.

    Udemy Business REST API consists of the following credentials.  If your API is already enabled, they can be found at the following URLs by replacing {{Org_Name}} with your own subdomain.

    • Client ID & Client Secret
        • https://{{Org_Name}}.udemy.com/organization-manage/settings/lms-integration/
    • Org ID (Account_ID)
        • https://{{Org_Name}}.udemy.com/developers/organization/courses/
        • https://{{Org_Name}}.udemy.com/developers/organization/reporting/
    • Org Name (Account Name)
      • This is the subdomain of your URL: https://{{Org_Name}}.udemy.com
      • Note: if you are using SumTotal, Org Name will be the full URL:  https://{{Org_Name}}.udemy.com

    If your API is not yet enabled, please follow the instructions below to enable your API and retrieve the credentials:

    How to enable and find your API credentials in Udemy Business

    1 - Click on Manage > Settings in the upper right of Udemy Business.


    2 - Click LMS/LXP integrations on the sidebar and then Start set-up.  Choose the system you will be integrating with from the drop-down menu, or Other, if your tool is not listed.  Click Save. Your API is now enabled.


    3 - Now that API is enabled, you can retrieve your API credentials. Client ID and Client Secret will now be available under Manage > Settings > LMS/LXP integrations.


    4 - Next, to find your Org ID (Account ID) click on API on the left navigation sidebar.  Then, click on either of the API documentation links.


    5 - Scroll about halfway down the page to the subsection Your API Client and Your Account ID.  Here you will find your Account_ID (same as Org ID).


    6 - Next, find your Org Name/Account Name: This is simply the subdomain of your Udemy Business URL:


    Now that you have your API credentials from Udemy Business you can plug these into your LMS/LXP or another system you wish to integrate with.  

    If you have additional questions about our APIs or setting up integrations, please feel free to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for assistance.



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  • Configure and Customize Your Account Settings

    The Settings section of your Udemy Business account is where you can customize the appearance of your account, enable access features and configure integrations such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Slack sharing. To access the Settings area click Manage > Settings.

    What you can do in Settings:



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  • Customizing my Account

    To customize your account appearance, upload three images: a logo, a background image and your company icon. Go to Manage > Settings > Customize Appearance

    1. Logo: upload a logo in one of the following formats: jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp. The logo should be at least 400 x 70 pixels.
    2. Background image: upload a background image for your login page. It should be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels.
    3. Icon: upload an optional square logo to use as a browser icon.  It should be at least 32x32 pixels.
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  • Udemy Business API Reference

    Udemy Business (UB) provides three RESTful APIs - courses, learning paths, and reporting - that enable developers to programmatically retrieve their Udemy Business course catalog, public learning paths, and their user progress activity data. You can use these three APIs to integrate with a third-party application such as a Learning Management System (LMS). 

    Please note: 

    • API’s are only available to Enterprise customers.
    • Availability of these APIs does not automatically enable integration with an LMS/LXP.
    • In order to consume the data with the LMS/LXP, a connector needs to be built using these APIs. If you're interested in learning more, please contact your Customer Success or LMS/LXP representative.
    • API documentation is only available in English.

    1. Udemy Business API Documentation - RESTful APIs

      1. Course API
      2. Learning paths API
      3. Reporting API

    2. Udemy Business xAPI Documentation

      1. xAPI supports real-time reporting of learner progress and completions against courses.


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  • Updating the Payment Method for Your Team Plan Account

    This article outlines how admins for Team Plan accounts can update the payment method on file or remove a saved payment card. 

    How to update the payment method on file

    Admins of Team Plan accounts can update the payment method on file for their accounts by taking the following steps:

    1. Log into your Udemy Business account
    2. Navigate to Manage > Settings > Billing
    3. Click on Add payment method
    4. Input your card details
    5. Click Save Card

    How to remove a saved card

    To remove a saved payment method, please do the following:

    1. Log into your Udemy Business account
    2. Navigate to Manage > Settings > Billing
    3. Click on the garbage icon in the Payment Method section
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