• How to Find the Course ID in Udemy Business

    This article outlines how admins can find the course ID for a course in Udemy Business.  While there are a variety of ways to find the course ID, below are a few simple methods to do this.

    Method 1: Download the Course List

    One method to find course IDs is to download your Udemy Business Course Catalog which will include the course ID in the full catalog export.  Note that you must be a Udemy Business admin to do this method.

    The course ID will be available in the first column titled “id” next to the title.  If you are looking for a particular course ID and know the title, you can search for the title of the course and find the corresponding course ID next to it.


    Please note:

    • You can find the course ID in other downloaded reports as well such as User Course Activity. However, the course IDs will only populate for courses where there is associated learning data. Thus, the full course list export ensures you’ll get all the course IDs for all courses regardless of whether there is learning data for those courses.

    Method 2: Find it in the HTML

    You can also find the course ID by inspecting the HTML from the course landing page:

    1. From the course landing page that you wish to find the course ID for navigate into your browser tools.  In Chrome you can do this by right clicking on the page and then clicking Inspect.


    2. Towards the very top of the HTML elements in the body section you will find the course_id:


    Method 3: Find the course ID in API responses

    If you have the Udemy Business API enabled and have a tool like Postman to make sample requests to the Udemy Business API you will see the course ID returned in various Udemy Business API endpoint responses.


    Please note:

    • In your browser URL bar you can paste the course ID immediately after https://www.{{your_subdomain}}.udemy.com/ in the address bar for your Udemy Business account, and you will be taken directly to that course landing page. You can also navigate to the course at Udemy.com by adding the course ID to the end of the following URL: https://www.udemy.com/.   

    For example, pasting the following into your URL address bar:


    Takes you directly to that course landing page:



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  • How to Export Courses From Your Own Udemy Business Catalog

    This article explains how admins can export a course list directly from the admin console of their Udemy Business account.

    What information does the course list from your admin console include?

    The course list that is downloaded from the admin console will include just the courses that are part of your catalog, and any custom courses you have created.  The  course list will also include additional information about those courses including, but not limited to:

    • Course ID
    • Description
    • URL
    • Minutes
    • Categories
    • Topics
    • Lectures
    • Videos
    • Instructors
    • Language

    How to download your course list from the admin console

    To download your course list directly from the admin console, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Manage -> Insights and reporting:


    2. On the left-hand sidebar select Course insights.  Then, on the right side select Export -> Course list


    3. Select Confirm.  You will receive an automated email to download the course list.  This may take a few minutes:



    Accessing your course list in Data export reports

    Once the course list is available for download, you can also access the report and download it from Data export reports. The Data export reports page can be accessed on the left-hand sidebar as well.



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  • The Course Updates Page

    This article outlines how admins can access the Course updates page, and view courses that are pending retirement in the next 90 days, or that have been retired in the past 90 days. 

    The Course updates page

    The easiest way to view courses that are pending retirement in the next 90 days, or courses that have been retired in the last 90 days, is by accessing the Course updates page. 

    To do so, please follow the steps below.

    1. Navigate to Manage at the top of the page and select Manage courses from the dropdown menu.
    2. Next, click Course updates on the left-hand side of the page.
    3. The data and the filtering options provided on the page can help admins narrow down the list to courses that may be important to their learning programs. The Usage column highlights paths, rules and categories that may need to be updated. 

    We also provide course alternatives, so you can take advantage of the most up-to-date content available for your learning programs.



    The course retirement list

    Learn more about courses that are set for removal and access the retirement course list.


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  • Assigning Courses in Udemy Business

    To help facilitate and drive learning at your organization, our Assign features enable admins and group admins to easily incorporate Udemy Business courses into your learning programs.


    Overview of Assign Features
    Here’s an overview of the ways you can interact with our Assign features:

    • Assign a course to help guide your users and facilitate their learning goals
    • Set a due date when assigning a course to ensure users have a completion goal associated with their learning.
    • Leverage our “Assigned Learning” page to see a consolidated list of the courses that have been assigned.
    • Review progress on Assigned Courses on the Course Insights page where you can see a list of all assigned courses and learner progress.
    • Unassign a course if the skill is no longer relevant for your employee or you’ve made the assignment by mistake.

    How to find a course you wish to assign

    By default, users can view all the courses in the Udemy Business collection, but you can assign courses to any user or group if you wish. You can use the search bar to look for courses (custom, imported or courses from the Udemy Business collection), and assign them from the search, browse, directly from the course card or the course landing page.

    Additionally, all of your organizations imported courses and custom courses can easily be found and assigned on the Manage Courses page.



    How to assign a course

    1. To assign a course, navigate to the course you’d like to assign. Hover over the course and click on the Share button. When assigning courses from the Manage Courses page, click the ellipses to the far right of the course.
    2. Next, click Assign as shown below:


    3. Enter the name or email of the user you’d like to assign the course, or select a Group to assign the course. Admins can also assign the course to all the users in your organization’s account by selecting “All users”.


    4. Once you’ve selected the user or group, click ‘Assign'.

    NOTE: Courses can only be assigned to Users who have joined your Udemy Business account. If a user has not yet joined your account, you cannot assign a course to them.

    Set a Due Date When Assigning a Course

    To set a due date on a course assignment, click on the calendar icon and select the date you’d like to set for the due date. You can select a date at any point in the future.


    Please note: Once you’ve set a due date you will not be able to edit the date. If you’ve selected a date by mistake, unassign the course and re-assign with the correct due date.

    Unassigning a Course

    Review how you can unassign a course in Udemy Business.

    Notifications of Course Assignments

    Users will be notified of course assignments via email the moment a course is assigned to them. The email will be sent from the Assigner and will indicate which course has been assigned to them as well as the due date if applicable. If a due date is set, users will also receive a reminder email at the midway point from the date the course is assigned to them to the actual due date.

    NOTE: Users will be emailed if a course is unassigned. Additionally, admins and group admins will not receive an email when a user completes an Assigned course.

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  • Finding Courses

    This article outlines how administrators can find courses in the Udemy Business collection, and how to submit a course suggestion.

    Find courses with the search function

    The keyword search will look for keywords in the course title, subtitle and instructor name. For example, if you are looking for an Excel 2016 course, type in ‘Excel 2016’ instead of ‘Excel’.

    Retired courses

    If you previously searched for a course and can no longer find it, it could be due to the course being retired. Learn more about retired courses and access the retired course list.

    New courses

    If you’re interested in reviewing newly added courses to the collection, learn more about new courses and access the new course list.

    How to suggest a new course

    If you are searching for a business or technology-related topic that you can’t find in the collection, you can submit a course suggestion using the form below. 

    Please note that this form submits suggestions for courses to be added to the general Udemy Business collection, which is available to all Udemy Business users, not just users in your company's account. 

    After you submit your recommendation, our Content team will assess your suggestion based on a number of criteria, such as course ratings, user engagement and demand from all of our customers. The Content Team will notify you of our decision whether to approve, or deny your suggestion, within 3 - 5 weeks. 

    Submit a course suggestion here.

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  • Course on Udemy.com is not in the Business Collection

    The Udemy Business content collection includes thousands of courses that are curated from the consumer marketplace (www.udemy.com). We curate the most relevant and high quality courses from the marketplace’s extensive catalog, using a number of criteria, including course ratings, user engagement and demand from all of our customers.

    If you would like to suggest a new course be added to the Udemy Business collection, you can do so using the form below. Note that this form submits suggestions for courses to be added to the general Udemy Business collection, which is available to all Udemy Business users, not just users in your company's account. After you submit your recommendation, our Content team will assess your suggestion based on a number of criteria, such as course ratings, user engagement and demand from all of our customers. The Content Team will notify you of our decision whether to approve, or deny your suggestion, within 3 - 5 weeks. Submit a course suggestion here.

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  • How do I Suggest a Course?

    At Udemy Business, we curate a collection of high-quality, up-to-date courses taught by real-world experts on critical business and technical skills. This article explains how to suggest a course on Udemy Business as an Enterprise customer.

    Please note: The course suggestion service is only available for Enterprise customers. If you are a Team Plan customer, consider upgrading to an Enterprise plan to take advantage of this service and additional plan features.  

    Submit a course suggestion (Enterprise plan)

    To maintain quality, we evaluate several criteria including course rating, reviews, instructor performance on Udemy.com, and topic relevance. We are unable to make exceptions to our criteria at this time.

    We recommend first searching in Udemy Business to find courses that meet your needs. Our robust search engine surfaces relevant content down to the lecture level.

    If you have an Enterprise plan and cannot find exactly what you need in the Udemy Business collection, you can suggest a course from Udemy.com via our contact form. If the course meets our criteria, it will be considered for addition. 

    Courses in languages other than English are only accessible through our International Collection. If you do not have access to the International Collection, please reach out to your manager or your company's Learning and Development team.

    Suggesting a course with practice tests

    Currently, courses with practice tests cannot be added to our Udemy Business collection through customer suggestions. 

    Our Content Curation team is actively reviewing courses with practice tests to ensure that they meet our Trust and Safety guidelines and is adding approved courses to the Udemy Business collection.

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  • How to Deactivate or Delete an Auto-Assign Rule

    If you’d like to deactivate or delete an auto-assign rule, navigate to the Manage menu and click Assigned learning.


    From here, click on Auto-assign rules to view all active and deactivated rules. To deactivate a rule, open the context menu and click Deactivate. The Last assigned column indicates who created the rule and when it was last assigned.



    Once an auto-assign rule has been deactivated, it can be deleted by navigating back to the context menu and clicking Delete.

    Note that any admin can deactivate or delete any auto-assign rule, and group admins can deactivate or delete auto-assign rules for groups they manage. An email notification will be sent to assigners if an auto-assign rule is deactivated or deleted. 


    Learn how to create an auto-assign rule.

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  • Importing Courses From Udemy.com to my Udemy Business Account

    The Udemy Business course collection is a curated collection of thousands of courses, across dozens of topics, which learners in your organization are able to access in their accounts. Not every course that is found in the Udemy.com marketplace, however, is included in the Udemy Business content collection.

    This article outlines how admins can import courses from Udemy.com into their Udemy Business account, and provide their account’s users with access to them. 

    Please note: this feature is only available for Enterprise customers.

    How admins can import courses from Udemy.com into their Udemy Business account

    1. Go to www.udemy.com to find the URL for the course. (Example: https://www.udemy.com/salesforcecom-admin-essentials-for-beginners)

    2. Copy/paste the link to your clipboard.

    3. Log into your Udemy Business account and go to ManageManage Courses

    4. Click on the Imported Courses link in the menu on the left side of the screen. Here you will see a list of all your Imported Courses to date, along with the enrollments in those courses and the number of licenses remaining.

    5. To import a course from Udemy.com, click on the Import Course button at the top right of the screen.

    6. Paste in the course URL and import the course. It will now appear in your account’s course collection and search results.. 

    How to provide users with access to the imported courses

    If the course you have imported into Udemy Business is listed for free at Udemy.com, all of your users will have access to enroll. There will also be unlimited licenses available to assign the course to learners in your account.

    If the course requires a payment to enroll, however, users will see the following message on the Course Landing page: “To enroll in this course, please ask an account admin to assign it to you.”

    Therefore, you will first need to purchase licenses before you can assign the course to the learners.

    • Important: Once you assign a license for an imported course to a learner, it is not possible to reassign that license, even if that learner is deactivated in the future.

    To purchase licenses, please follow the steps below.

    1. To get the best price currently available please contact Udemy Business Support.

    2. Next, find the course under ManageManage Courses  → Imported Courses. You can see the Licenses Remaining in the list and click Buy Licenses if you wish to buy more licenses for this course. Screenshot below:


    3. Enter the number of licenses you want to purchase. If you have received a discount from Support for the course, the updated price should be applied on the checkout page.

     4. Enter your credit card information and click the ‘Complete Payment’ button to submit the purchase. 


    How to access your receipt

    Once the payment has been successfully completed, a receipt will be emailed to you at the same address that you used to log in to your Udemy Business account. Note that occasionally these emails may end up in your spam or junk folder. If you are unable to locate the receipt, please contact our Udemy Business Support team so we can assist.

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  • Unassigning Courses in Udemy Business

    This article explains how admins or group admins can unassign courses, if a skill is no longer relevant for a User or you’ve assigned a course to a User by mistake.

    Learn how to assign courses in Udemy Business. 

    How to unassign courses

    To unassign a course, please follow the steps below.

    1. Navigate to the Assigned Learning page.


    2. From here, select the course you’d like to unassign from the User.


    3. Next, click on the button to the right of the User’s name and select Unassign. This will remove the course assignment from the User and they will no longer see the course under their Assigned course module. The user will be notified via email that they have been unassigned from the course.



    • Courses can only be unassigned by the admin or group admin who made the course assignment. Furthermore, you can only unassign courses on a User level; you cannot unassign a course from a Group.
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