• How to Report Professional Development Units (PDUs) With The Project Management Institute (PMI)

    This article outlines how learners who have earned Professional Development Units (PDUs) can report their PDUs to the Project Management Institute (PMI) website. 

    How to report PDUs with the PMI

    If you are a PMI credential holder, please follow the step-by-step process below to submit your PDUs on the PMI’s website. 

    • Please note that these instructions are current for the PMI site as of 12/21/2021. PMI determines the process to submit PDUs and may change the workflow outlined below without our knowledge. 

    Step 1: Log into PMI

    Step 2: Hover over the Certifications tab and click on “Report PDUs”


    Step 3: Click on “Course or Training” option


    Step 4: Fill in the information for Provider, Course, Date Started, Date Completed and PDUs Claimed


    Step 5: Check “I agree this claim is accurate” and click Submit


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  • Professional Development Units (PDUs) Courses on Udemy Business

    Udemy Business is committed to enabling learners to effectively prepare for their project management certification exams and build skills across essential project management topics.

    Prior to applying for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification with the Project Management Institute (PMI), learners will need to earn 35 contact hours. To retain PMP certification, learners must earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years, and then log them with PMI.

    How to locate Udemy Business courses that offer PDUs / contact hours

    For learners interested in accessing courses that provide PDUs / contact hours, search ‘PDU’ within the search bar in your Udemy Business account or find a complete list of courses here.

    Do Udemy Business certificates of completion for PDU courses record PDU / contact hours?

    Currently, the number of hours listed on the Udemy Business certificate of completion is based on the course video hours at the most recent completion. Some instructors will include the PDU / contact hours in the title of the course, but not all.

    Do learners need a certificate of completion from Udemy Business or the instructor to apply for PMP certification or to log PDU hours with PMI? 

    No, learners can enter the course information on PMI’s website, and only need a certificate in the unlikely event of being audited by PMI.

    Who can receive PDUs (aka credit hours) from the PMI?

    PDUs are only earned AFTER you become a PMP or another PMI credential holder.

    How many PDUs do I need to remain certified?

    You need 60 PDUs over 3 years to remain certified.

    I’m a PMI credential holder; how can I report PDUs with the PMI?

    Learn how to report PDUs on the PMI website.

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