• How to Log Into the Udemy Business Mobile App

    Udemy Business users can also take their courses via the Udemy Business mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. This article explains how you can log into the Udemy Business mobile app and continue your learning experience.

    How to log into the Udemy Business mobile app

    To log into the Udemy Business mobile app, please follow these steps:

    1. Open the Udemy Business mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

    2. You will be asked for your organization’s account name. Type in the subdomain of the URL you use to access Udemy Business courses on your browser. 

    • For example, if you go to company.udemy.com to access your account when using a browser, your organization’s account name is “company”. Still not sure? See below for more information.


    3. Tap Next.

    • Log in options for your organization
      • SSO & email: If your organization has the option to log in via both single sign-on (SSO) and email, you will be provided the option to log in either via option. 
      • SSO only: If your organization only offers the option to log in via SSO, you will be taken to your organization’s SSO portal.
      • Email only: If your organization does not offer the option to log in via SSO, you will be taken to the page to log in with your credentials created in Udemy Business.


    4. Next, enter your credentials:

    • If logging in with SSO, please log in with the credentials provided by your organization. If you encounter an issue with these credentials, please reach out to your organization’s IT team. 
    • If logging in with an email address and password, enter your email address in the Email or username field and your password in the Password field.


    5. Finally, tap Log in. You should be logged into your Udemy Business account so you can access your courses and utilize the mobile app features.

    Can’t remember your password? 

    If you don’t remember your password, tap the forgot password option. Please make sure to check your spam folder for the password reset email.

    Don’t know your organization’s account name?

    If you don’t know what is your organization’s account name when you’re asked for it, you can select the find your account name option. Please make sure to type in the email address that is registered to your account.


    Note: If you type in another email not tied to your account, no email will be delivered. Please be sure to check your spam folder in case you do not see the email in your inbox.

    Seeing a notification that your account admin has disabled access to the app? 

    If after typing in your organization’s account name and selecting Next you see a message indicating your account admin has disabled access to the mobile app, please contact your manager or IT for more information. Then, please also reach out to your account administrator for assistance.


    If you encounter any additional issues logging into the mobile app, please contact our support team. Please send us screenshots of what you see when attempting to log in.

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  • Which App Should I Download?

    Udemy Business is available on mobile for both iOS and Android.

    Please note that the Udemy Business app is distinct, and Udemy Business accounts cannot be accessed via the Udemy.com mobile app.

    The Udemy Business Android mobile app is not supported on Chromebooks or Chrome OS devices.

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  • Udemy Business Mobile App Features

    Udemy Business features thousands of top-rated courses for you to learn new skills anytime, anywhere. From software development, IT, design, leadership to communication skills, the Udemy Business mobile app puts the freshest, most in-demand content in your hands. Upskill your talents and learn from highly respected real-world practitioners, thought leaders, and experts from around the world.

    *A Udemy Business license is required to access the app.  


    • Stream course videos, listen to audio lectures and view course materials
    • Discover and search for relevant content
    • View archived or favorite courses with just a few taps
    • Optimal learning with the ability to take quizzes or practice exams on your phone
    • Download and watch lessons offline
    • Download Quality: Select the video resolution for the offline content and manage the file size to be downloaded
    • Set your own pace and choose different speed options
    • Interact with instructors through our Q&A feature
    • Mini Player: Multi-task while learning
    • Background Player: Listen to course lectures in the background

    Please note: certificates of completion can not be accessed on the Udemy Business mobile app. For instructions on how to download certificates of completion, please click here.

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