• Using the Bulk File Uploader

    By using the bulk file uploader not only can you can upload multiple files to your course at once, you can access files you may have stored with services like Google Drive. The bulk file uploader also lists all the files that have been uploaded, when they were uploaded and whether the upload was successful.

    Accessing the Bulk File Uploader

    You can access the new file uploader by clicking on the course you wish to edit, on the Instructor Dashboard. The Bulk Uploader icon is posted on the right hand side of the Course Curriculum page.


    Uploading Files From Your Computer

    You can select the files you wish to upload from your computer, and begin the uploading process, by clicking on Choose Files or by dragging the files onto the file uploader page.


    Adding Files From External Hosts

    You can also access files you may have stored with services like Google Drive, and then add them to course library via the Bulk Uploader. Click on the location where the file is, and you will be prompted to establish a connection to the file's host.

    Once you have selected the file you would like to add to the course, click on Upload on the bottom right. If the upload is successful, an Upload Complete notification will appear.


    Un-linking Integrated Apps From the Bulk Uploader​

    After you have linked an external host to the Bulk Uploader, you may decide you wish to unlink it. You can do this for all the services the uploader supports [Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, OneDrive], by logging into any of the apps you granted the bulk uploader access to [integrated app]. Then you can revoke the Bulk Uploader's access from there.

    Example: Dropbox

    1) After being granted the Bulk Uploader access to Dropbox you should receive an email like below.


    2) Click on the account page and you will be redirected to your account (notice the Udemy Filestack (Bulk Uploader).


    3). Click on "X" and the Bulk Uploader's access will be revoked from Dropbox. Please note: for all other file services, you can revoke access by disabling Filepicker as an app that is connected to Udemy.

    Adding Files Using the Click and Drag Option

    Files can also be added to your library by clicking on the file you wish to add, and then by dragging it onto the bulk file uploader page where it says Drag files here. To complete the process, click on Upload on the bottom right. Please note: it may take a moment or two before the Upload option appears, after you drag the files onto the page. If the upload is successful, an Upload Complete notification will appear. 


    File Management

    The filenames that have been added to your library will be listed below the uploading options.The file's type and upload date is also included to the right of the filename. There is also a Status column, which lists whether a file uploaded correctly by stating Success or Failed. If the upload has not been finalized yet you will see Processing.

    To delete a file from your library, click on the trash can icon on the right hand side. Please note that deleting a file from your library cannot be undone.


    Adding Files From Your Library to Your Course

    You can access your library to add content to your course, by clicking on Add From Library as you create or edit your lectures.


    Please note that Mashup lectures are created using the browser uploader, and as a result, the files in your library cannot be accessed to build this type of lecture. For instructions on how to create a Mashup lecture please refer to this article.

    Closed captioning files are also added to lectures using the browser uploader, and cannot be added to a lecture from your library.

    For additional information on how to add closed captions to your lectures, please click here.

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  • Why Won't my Video Finish Processing?

    If you've uploaded a video to your course curriculum, but have encountered delays or issues in the processing stage, then please refer to the troubleshooting steps below. These should help clear up the problem so you can resume building or editing your course.

    Troubleshoot Video Processing

    When the upload bar has filled completely, the file will begin processing and it should finish processing on its own. If the file is still processing after 5 hours, however, please delete the lecture and start again.


    Error Message

    If you see the error message There is an issue with your file preventing successful processing, then please try the following steps:

    1. Make sure that the file name does not contain any special characters or symbols. Try removing spaces and underscores
    2. Change the video format. The preferred format is .MP4 codec H.264
    3. Reduce the size of the file. Uploads should not be larger than 4 GB.
    4. Reduce the resolution of the file. Videos up to 1080p are preferred.
    5. If you're uploading a PDF, make sure that the document is not password protected.
    6. Check that you can open and view your file on your computer and it is the correct file.

    If you are still having trouble, please contact Udemy Business Support and we'll be happy to offer some assistance. If you could also include the following information, this will help our support agents investigate and resolve the issue for you.

    • Lecture file
    • The operating system you're using
    • Internet connection speed
    • Screenshot of the error message
    • The troubleshooting steps you've tried 
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  • Why Won't my Videos Upload?

    Whether you're adding lectures to your course using the web uploader or Bulk File Uploader, problems can occur during the uploading or processing phase. Before trying anything else, make sure that the file name does not contain any special characters or symbols. Try removing spaces and underscores. Video files should be at least 720p and less than 4.0 GB.

    Troubleshooting Video Uploading

    While the bar is being filled, the file is being uploaded.


    Internet Connection

    Most uploading issues are caused by a poor internet connection. If you experience issues while the video is being uploaded it is likely caused by one of the following:

    1. Internet speed
    2. Bandwidth limit has been reached
    3. You are connected to the internet through a VPN and your connection provider has blocked uploads

    In each case, try uploading the video from a different internet connection.

    Error Messages

    If you are receiving one of the following messages:

    • “System couldn’t initiate their upload”
    • ​“Signature is not correct”
    • “Problem initiating upload request”
    • "Invalid according to Policy: Policy expired"

    The issue is caused by a problem with Udemy. These issues can be resolved by deleting the lecture and uploading the file again from a different browser like Google Chrome. You can also try uploading your file using the Bulk File Uploader.

    If you are still having trouble, or if you're encountering error messages regarding audio and video syncing, please contact Udemy Support and include:

    • Lecture file
    • Operating system you're using
    • Internet connection speed
    • Screenshot of the error message you see 
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