• Assessments

    Assessments are a feature that helps learners identify their skill level in a topic and guides them to personalized content based on their skillset.

    Please note: Assessment are only available to Udemy Business Pro users.

    *We will be adding assessments across additional skills in the coming months.

    How to start and complete assessments

    Users who have access to the Assessments can follow the steps below to start and complete assessments:

    1. To get started, you can access assessments on the Assessments tab on your home page, your My learning page, as well as the search results page, when searching for relevant topics (like AWS). 


    2. Click Start assessment when you’re ready to begin.

    3. Each assessment includes around 30 multiple-choice or multi-select questions and will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. If you exit the assessment before answering all the questions and come back within 24 hours, you can pick up where you left off. Otherwise, you can start a new assessment and will see a different set of questions. 

    4. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you will be brought to the results page, where you can view your overall score and dive into detailed explanations for each question. 

    5. You will also see a course recommended based on your skill levels. Once enrolled, you will see personalized guidance based on recommended areas of focus. Click Enroll now to jump into your personalized course recommendation.

    6. Once you’re in the course, you can see specific sections highlighted for you based on your skill set. 

    7. After completing the highlighted sections, you may retake the assessment to measure your learning progress, and get updated personalized guidance in the recommended course.

    How to access in-progress assessments

    You can find in-progress assessments and your most recent results under your My learning tab. 

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