• I Can't Find a Course

    For support and/or product-related questions, we have helpful articles in our Help Center for frequently asked questions.

    Review how you can access the Udemy Business Help Center or contact our support team if you need assistance.

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  • Course on Udemy.com is not in the Business Collection

    This article outlines how you can suggest a new course from the Udemy marketplace be added to the Udemy Business collection.

    What is the Udemy Business content collection?

    The Udemy Business content collection includes thousands of courses that are curated from the consumer marketplace (www.udemy.com). We curate the most relevant and high quality courses from the marketplace’s extensive catalog, using a number of criteria, including course ratings, user engagement and demand from all of our customers.

    How to suggest a new course be added to the Udemy Business collection

    If you would like to suggest a new course be added to the Udemy Business collection, you can do so using the form below. Note that this form submits suggestions for courses to be added to the general Udemy Business collection, which is available to all Udemy Business users, not just users in your company's account. 

    After you submit your recommendation, we will assess your suggestion based on a number of criteria, such as course ratings, user engagement and demand from all of our customers. We will notify you via email of our decision whether to approve, or deny your suggestion. Submit a course suggestion here.

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  • How Can I Access Udemy Business Courses in Other Languages?

    Udemy Business provides International Collections of courses taught by native-speaking, real-world experts. This article explains how learners can access Udemy Business courses in other languages.

    The International Collections

    Our International Collection currently includes courses in multiple languages, which span all major categories such as Leadership & Management, Cloud Computing, Marketing, Sales, IT Operations, Development and more.

    Learn more about our International Collections and what languages are offered.

    How to access courses in other languages

    Use the language filter: you can search and filter for courses in a particular language, by selecting the applicable Language filter (as shown below).


    Change your language preferences: you can also view courses in a particular language, by changing your account’s language preference.

    1. Log into your Udemy Business account.

    2. Select your language preference in the account drop down menu, which you can access by clicking on your profile picture.



    3. Once you’ve selected your language preference, the website will translate and you’ll see courses surface in that language as you browse various categories. Browse and explore our International Collections to learn a new skill.



    • Setting your language preference will not remove courses in English, but will surface courses in that language first, if there are courses available in that language for a specific topic.
    • Not all of the languages available in the International Collections will appear in the language selector. This selector localizes the language for your account.
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